The true miracle is not walking on water or walking in air,
but simply walking on this earth.”
but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace.
With each step, the wind blows.
With each step, a flower blooms.”

Mindfulness Retreat

You are warmly invited to join Mindfulness Retreat for 5 days and practice the living art of mindfulness. Coming for a retreat is an opportunity to enjoy simple and peaceful living, and to learn how to cultivate the energy of mindfulness, so we can have more freedom, peace and happiness in our daily life. It is also a chance to nurture our inner growth as we take time to look deeply in order to transform both our individual difficulties and the difficulties in our society.

At the retreat we learn how to weave mindfulness into all our daily activities, and live each moment of life more deeply. We practice meditation throughout the day – while eating, walking, working mindfully, sitting, or simply enjoying a cup of tea together.

We are happy to announce the retreat in 2018. We hope that many of you from around the world will be able to join our thriving community to experience the art of mindful living

Venue , Meeting Point & Date

09 – 13 May 2018
Kayagatasati Meditation Center, Cibodas, West Java – Indonesia

Meeting Point
Pusdiklat Buddhis Bodhidharma (Google Maps)
Jl Daan Mogot Km 12,8 ; Komplek Daan Mogot Prima Blok A1 No 1-3
Jakarta – Indonesia
Busway: Take Corridor # 3 and stop at Samsat Barat Station
Time : 6:00 AM

Accommodation Cost

Indonesian / Foreigner (per person)
Dorm – IDR 900.000 / USD 70
4 Bed (Share Room) – IDR 1.150.000 / USD 90
Twin Share Room – SOLD OUT
(Included Bus Jakarta – Cibodas – Jakarta)

What to do

Things to DO

Breathe & Meditate

Eat, slowly and often

Walk the garden path

Watch the Dharmatalk

Yoga & Qi Gong

Dharma Sharing

Five Mindfulness Training

Begining a New


Total Relaxation

Sleep without air con (it’s cool at night)

Things to NOT DO


How to prepare

We recommend that you read a little about Plum Village mindfulness practice before you attend, as Mindfulness Retreat unfold naturally with minimal introductions to the practices.


The Dharma Talks are given in either English or Indonesia. If you do not understand any one of these languages, translation is available.  Please bring Earphones to listen the translator


If the weather is rainy, please bring appropriate footwear and Umbrella for our grass paths.


A self-service Vegetarian lunch is provided for everyone. Please bring your own tumbler or bottle

What to Wear

  • To respect and support our collective energy of practice, we ask everyone to wear modest, loose-fitting clothes at all timesPlease wear only clothes that fully cover your shoulders, chest, back, arms (to the elbow) and legs past the knees. Please do not wear shorts, hot pants, tank tops, skimpy dresses and so on. Save these for the beach! If your clothing is too revealing, you may not be able to enter the Meditation Halls. These are sacred spaces. Simple, casual clothing, that’s easy to wash, is best.
  • We recommend you bring plenty of layered clothes for windy and cold weather

What to Bring & additional Information

  • Personal medication and toiletries
  • Lock Boxes are unavailable to safely store your money and valuables.

Registration & Contact Us

We hope that we covered everything you might need to know on the website, however If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact Us – Whatapp

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Contact Us – Email

Online Registration

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Offline Registration

After fill the registration form, please scan and email to :

Event Guidance

Vesak with Plumvillage

20 May 2018
Pindapatta | Buddha Bathing | Dharmatalk

Pusdiklat Buddhis Bodhidharma (Google Maps)
Jl Daan Mogot Km 12,8 ; Komplek Daan Mogot Prima Blok A1 No 1-3
Jakarta – Indonesia
Busway: Take Corridor # 3 and stop at Samsat Barat Station
Time : 7:00 AM

Information: 021-54390461/62

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